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This page is to display pictures of red squirrels that have been taken locally. If you have a picture and would like to see it published on the site, please attach it to an email, add a few relevant comments (where it was taken) and forward to pontelandredsquirrels@yahoo.co.uk. Please note that pictures on this page must not be copied for use in other work without permission.

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We are pleased to include two excellent photographs from a new contributor, Sid Gradwell who took these in Percy Wood, Swarland

Sid's Squirrel

Sid's Squirrel

Young Pip
Pip was blown out of his drey during high winds last August and abandoned by his mother. He was rescued by some North Northumberland residents, who have nutured him since. He is due to be released in the Spring

Young Pip


I wish I'd worn my wellies

We very much appreciate the efforts of Peter and Maureen Curran who have provided many pictures for our gallery.
They clearly illustrate the reasons why it is so important to preserve an animal that is not only beautiful but shows such a wonderful character.

Golf Course Squirrel
We also very much appreciate the efforts of Don Clegg who has provided the following pictures

A young squirrel enjoying lunch on a patio in Runnymeade Road
(Our first gallery entry)