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The red squirrel is seriously under threat! Over recent years the red squirrel colonies in the Ponteland and Darras Hall area have declined sharply. This is due to several factors: destruction of habitat, road kill and more recently the influx of grey squirrels into the area. Without local help, the Ponteland red squirrels will disappear.


  • Report ALL sightings of GREY SQUIRRELS to Ponteland Red Squirrels as soon as possible (or NRS if not in the Ponteland or Darras Hall area). Grey squirrels carry a deadly virus called Squirrel Pox which is only harmful to red squirrels.

  • DRIVE CAREFULLY, road kills account for many red squirrel deaths in Darras Hall

  • FEED by putting up a feeding box if red squirrels visit your garden - BUT PLEASE SEE OUR ESSENTIAL TIPS ON FEEDING AND DISINFECTING FEEDERS
  • Report all sightings of red squirrels to help us build up a population map